Teen Girl Eating Disorder Group

An Eating Disorder Support Group
Just for Teen Girls

Who is this Teen Girl Eating Disorder Group right for?

This group is geared specifically towards the unique challenges of teen girls in high school (ages 14 and up) who are struggling with food and body image issues. This support group is not a substitute for psychotherapy or nutrition therapy, which might also be needed for your teen. Meetings are designed for participants to have a safe, supportive place to talk about their issues under the guidance of a trained group leader.

The goal is for girls to…

  • Feel less alone in their struggles and gain a sense of community
  • Practice open and honest sharing about what they’re going through
  • Get support from other group members and the group leader
  • Increase pro-recovery behaviors and develop an overall healthier relationship with food
  • Learn to cope better with triggering situations
  • Become more aware and critical of toxic messages from media and other people
  • Develop a more positive body image by building self-esteem outside of appearance

Meeting Details

***The first group starts Sept 7, 2021***

Where: Virtually over Zoom
When: 1 hour on Tuesday nights 6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST
Format: The material the group leader will cover runs in a 12-week cycle, but these meetings are open so a participant can join the group at any time!

How much does the Teen Girl Eating Disorder Group cost?

Cost per meeting: $20
Reduced cost for 12-week package: $200

***Current Food Freedom Therapy™️ clients can receive a 50% discount. Ask your therapist or coach for the discount code.

Meet the group leader, Lynnly
Meet the group leader, Lynnly

Lynnly Wood, MA has her own history of food issues and body shame that started when she was put on her first diet at the age of 10. After a long journey of fighting against her body and being stuck in weight-obsession, Lynnly broke free from disordered eating and finally learned food and body freedom. Now it’s her passion in life to help others do the same.

Lynnly has a Masters in Education and was a teacher for 15 years in underserved areas. She is now a Food Freedom Coach and is close to graduating with her second Master’s degree (MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling).

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