Our Team

Ready to ditch diet culture and make peace with food? We can help!

All of our staff practice from an anti-diet, Health At Every Size® philosophy, which means we respect body diversity and believe health is not determined by your weight. Our goal is to support you in learning to trust your body’s cues about foods so you can eat freely and fearlessly. We also want to help you develop a deep sense of self-worth that is not tied to your weight or appearance.

Read about our staff below to see who might be a good fit for you, or feel free to contact us to discuss matching you with the right team member!

Our Therapists / Counselors

Cherie Miller, MS, LPC (Owner)

Cherie is an eating disorder therapist and coach specializing in adult eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, OSFED and disordered eating all along the spectrum. She also offers faith-based Christian counseling.

Fran DeArman, LPC-Associate, LCDC, IC-ADC

Fran is an eating disorder therapist and coach who works with clients of all ages. She has experience working with eating disorders in higher levels of care, and has also extensive training in treating alcohol and drug use. Supervised by Dr. Chris Simpson, LPC-S.

Our Dietitian

Maura Jones, RDN

Maura is a dietitian nutritionist specializing in eating disorders in children, teens, and adults. She also has experience in sports performance nutrition at the collegiate level.

Our Food Freedom Coach

Lynnly Wood, MA

Lynnly is a Food Freedom Coach specializing in helping people break free from dieting and restrictive eating, as well as bingeing cycles. She also helps clients learn to accept their bodies and live their best life without having to change their weight.

Cherie Miller, LPC is owner of Food Freedom Therapy and contracts with other therapists and coaches. Each coach and independent licensed therapist who contracts with Food Freedom Therapy™ is solely responsible for the services they provide and the manner in which they are performed and are not employees of Food Freedom Therapy™.