our team

Cherie Miller, MS, LPC (Owner)

Owner, Therapist, Coach (Specialties: adult eating disorders across the spectrum)

Cherie is an eating disorder therapist and coach specializing in adult eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, OSFED and disordered eating all along the spectrum. She also offers faith-based Christian counseling.

Katie Lepkowski, MS, LMSW

Therapist (Specialties: eating disorders, substance use, teens and young adults)

Katie is an eating disorder therapist who also specializes in treating substance use. Katie works with all ages, though she does particularly enjoy working with teens and young adults.

Fran DeArman, LCDC, IC-ADC

Coach (Specialties: Eating disorders, body image)

Fran is an eating disorder coach who works with clients of all ages looking for some support to supplement treatment with a therapist or dietitian. She can also help someone who is further along in their recovery continue taking practical steps in their intuitive eating and body acceptance journey.

Cherie Miller, LPC is owner of Food Freedom Therapy and contracts with other therapists and coaches. Each coach and independent licensed therapist who contracts with Food Freedom Therapy™ is solely responsible for the services they provide and the manner in which they are performed and are not employees of Food Freedom Therapy™.

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