Nutrition Group for College-Aged Girls

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Did you you know?

Disordered eating affects up to 20% of college-aged females. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

Who is this College-Aged Nutrition Group right for?

If you’re in or starting college and are…

  • often filled with anxiety about food
  • struggling with disliking your body
  • stressed about meals at the dining hall
  • confused by all the advice out there about nutrition

Then this group is for you!

We’re going to cover topics like…

  • understanding disordered eating
  • looking out for sneaky diet culture traps
  • what is proper nutrition for a college student
  • how to navigate stressful situations like dining halls and sororities

I can’t make your classes easier or get your roommate to stop snoring, but I can help you gain confidence around food!

~ Group Leader and Dietitian Maven, Tess Patterson, MS, RD, LD

Meeting Details

The first group starts Sept 14, 2022

Where: Virtually over Zoom
When: 1 hour on Wednesdays @ 2pm MST | 3pm CST | 4pm PST | 5pm EST

How much does the College Nutrition Group cost?

Cost: $30 per group

***Current Food Freedom Therapy™️ clients can receive a 25% discount. Ask your therapist or dietitian about the discount.

Hi, I'm Tess!
Hi, I’m Tess!

I LOVE working with college students, because I remember how even though college can be an amazing time, it can also be tough! It’s exciting to help young adults who want to learn more about nutrition and how to feel more confident about food and their body. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with my BS in Dietetics and a minor in Psychology, and my MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences with a minor in Educational Psychology. I specialize in helping people recover from eating disorders and other food issues.

In my free time, I am a foodie and travel monster through and through. I love to check out all the local goodies, delicacies, and delights. I love to hike. And you will most likely catch me playing with my beautiful golden retriever puppy… Be on the lookout for her to join us in group!

Group Registration

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