Eating Disorder Coaching


who is eating disorder coaching right for?

We respect that clinical eating disorders are complex and medically dangerous mental illnesses, and as such, coaching is typically meant to supplement treatment you’re already getting from a therapist or dietitian, not take the place of it. Also, counseling is the more appropriate option for anyone who is dealing with other serious mental health issues like depression or anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or unresolved trauma.

Though we typically require coaching clients to be working with a therapist or dietitian, coaching might be an appropriate option on its own for someone with subclinical disordered eating, body image issues, or who is further along in their recovery.

The table below outlines some differences between eating disorder therapy and coaching services.

Eating Disorder Coaching vs Therapy


what would we do in eating disorder coaching sessions?

Some examples of things that might be included in your coaching would be:

  • Activities to increase body acceptance
  • Exploring your true values outside of your eating disorder
  • Exploring and working on motivation for recovery
  • Helping you set day-to-day goals and supporting you in achieving those goals
  • Meal support (i.e., eating meals, snacks and fear foods together) 
  • Otherwise supporting the work you would be doing with your therapist and/or dietitian.

what is the rate for eating disorder coaching? can insurance be used?

Our rate for coaching is $65 for a 45-minute session. Insurance typically does not cover or reimburse coaching, but some do so be sure to check with your provider.

Staff who offer eating disorder coaching:

how do I make an appointment?

Please contact us to schedule your first coaching session. Once we confirm that you are a fit for coaching and we meet for our initial appointment, you will be given access to the online client portal and can then schedule your own appointments moving forward if you wish.

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