consultation for professionals

When I started recovery, I was harmed by a therapist who did not have the appropriate experience or skills to work effectively with an eating disorder client. Now, many years later, I too often hear similar stories from clients when they start seeing me. I believe these therapists are probably wonderful practitioners with the best of intentions who just need some additional training.

Ethically and legally, we should never practice outside our competence, but this is especially true with eating disorders, which are serious mental health disorders with dangerous medical complexities.

That’s why I offer consultation services for other mental health professionals looking for support in their work with eating disorder clients. Professional consultation services can help you make correct diagnoses, as well as develop and execute effective treatment plans for clients with eating disorders. It can also be helpful in identifying growth areas, and I can recommend resources for learning. Lastly, we can discuss if there are any personal issues you might have (e.g. your own issues with food or body image) that could interfere with your work with clients with eating disorders. 

Consultation appointments are offered virtually at the rate of $80/hr. I also offer a package deal of 4 sessions for $300 ($20 savings).

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