The Body Image Resilience Program

First, is this program right for you??

I want to make sure I’m not wasting your time! So let’s start by checking whether or not this program is right for you. In the last month, have you…

  • opted out of events, activities, or opportunities because you felt self-conscious about your appearance?
  • compared yourself to other girls and women and felt inferior or insecure?
  • spent too much time and energy worrying about the way you look?
  • felt defined by your body and your appearance, but want to find power beyond those things?
  • struggled to help a friend, daughter or sister dealing with body image issues?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then this life-changing program is defintely for you! Save your spot now (each program is limited to 10 people) or keep reading to learn more…

About the Body Image Resilience Program

In a world where most girls and women live in a very uncomfortable “comfort zone” of body shame, anxiety, and fixation on appearance, the Body Image Resilience Program will help you find peace and purpose. This program uses the research-based Beauty Redefined curriculum developed by Lexie Kite, PhD and Lindsay Kite, PhD, authors of More than a Body.

The world needs YOU.
Not just a pretty vision of you, but ALL of you.

You deserve to know this truth, and the world deserves to experience what you are capable of offering. By learning about and utilizing this game-changing approach to positive body image through body image resilience, you can face current and future body image difficulties with clarity and strength.  

You are more than a body.
Are you ready to learn to SEE more and BE more?

This 10-week program walks you and other participants on a similar journey to body image resilience by:

  1. recognizing harmful messages in media and culture about female bodies;
  2. reflecting on the ways those ideals have impacted your life;
  3. redefining the ways you think about beauty, health and individual worth; and
  4. developing resilience through your own path that utilizes four sources of power.

This course has yielded incredible results for hundreds of girls and women! It is shown to help participants: 

  • Develop a powerful sense of purpose and self-worth outside of your appearance
  • Gain confidence to allow you to live without constant body monitoring
  • Decrease body shame and increase body acceptance 
  • Improve your understanding of your own health and fitness outside of objectifying and appearance-based terms
  • Increase feelings of self-compassion toward yourself and others and decrease self-comparison
  • Change the way you view media and be a more conscious media consumer
  •  Develop your own life-changing path to body image resilience by cultivating resilient traits and skills to carry you through future body image difficulties

Does this program really work?

Feedback from participants indicates that it does!

+ 80% of women who have completed this course report being extremely likely to recommend it to a friend or loved one.
+ 77% of participants reported greater feelings of compassion toward themselves and less self-comparison with others.
+ 75% of participants reported the program helped them better understand and achieve health and fitness.

What does the Body Image Resilience Program cost?

The cost of the program is $450, which covers the cost of materials and 10 sessions.

Clients who are doing therapy or coaching with Food Freedom Therapy™ during the program are eligible for a $100 discount and can join the program for $350.

What’s the format of the program?

Once the program begins, you’ll be given access to in-depth original content in video, text and audio form so you can choose which media you prefer! There is a workbook that includes challenges, surveys and reflection prompts. Once a week for 10 weeks, you will meet virtually with your program leader, Cherie Miller, LPC, and other program participants to go over that week’s content, ask questions, and to apply the principles on a deeper level.

When does the next program start?

The next program start date is TBD but will be announced soon! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all our programs and events, or fill out the form below to save your spot in the next program (each program is limited to 10 participants at a time).

Can I do the Body Image Resilience Program on my own without the weekly sessions?

We encourage you to commit to the weekly sessions because as this program was developed and tested, feedback from course participants showed that an online support component was a great asset to magnifying the impact of this program. It allows for deeper engagement, personalization, and opportunities to question and challenge ideas as a group. Participants reported that the online sessions gave them needed accountability to stick with the course and resilience process. And lastly, guidance from a licensed therapist specializing in body image is also helpful!

I feel like I know a lot about body image already. Will I learn anything new?

We believe you will. The curriculum is based on the doctoral research of Dr. Lexie Kite and Dr. Lindsay Kite, authors of More Than a Body and founders of Beauty Redefined. Within academic research and popular social media activism, the work of the Kites through Beauty Redefined is pioneering the work of body image resilience that actually changes lives and improves body image. The theoretical model of body image resilience, developed by the Kites, forms the foundation of this course and is shown to be a game-changer for girls and women living in a culture of objectification in all its forms. So yes, we believe you will learn new things about body image resilience in general and about your own skills and strengths to achieve body image resilience as you participate in this program!

What ages are appropriate for this program?

This course has been designed for ages 14+. We do not discuss, display, or write about anything explicit, though we do discuss “objectification” and the evidence of objectification, like assault and abuse.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below to be added to the list for the next program.

Ready to change your body image?

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