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If there’s one thing that all my eating disorder clients have had in common, it’s this: at some point or another, they believe they can’t really recover.

This is the best I can be.
I’ll never get better.
I’ll always be stuck like this.
Recovery isn’t possible for me.

But you know what? Every person I know (including myself) who has recovered from an eating disorder said and believed those same things.

It turns out, we were wrong.

Maybe you’re working on recovery and the hard days leave you feeling like you’ll never get there. Or maybe recovery feels so impossible and elusive that you’re not even trying. Either way, what if you’re wrong? Maybe, just maybe, it’s not only possible but you will actually get there eventually. Being wrong isn’t usually a good feeling, but it would be pretty awesome to be wrong about this, wouldn’t it?

Dare to hope.

Much love,
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About Cherie Miller @ Dare 2 Hope
Cherie Miller, MS, LPC opened Dare 2 Hope Counseling to help clients all over the country get free from their food, weight, and self-confidence struggles. Her specialty is eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, orthorexia and other unhealthy eating patterns. Contact her here.


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