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I’m so glad you’re here, because I know that even daring to hope that recovery from an eating disorder is possible is one of the hardest parts of getting better. For a long time, I didn’t believe I could recover, and I’ve heard the same from my clients at points in their journey, so I understand that skepticism.

But, thankfully, we were wrong—I and so many others have recovered.

And I believe that you can too.

hope is where healing begins

Whether you’re just starting your eating disorder recovery, or you’ve been in therapy for your eating disorder before and it didn’t help as much as you’d hoped, I can help you finally overcome your struggles with food, depression, anxiety, body image, and insecurity.

I might be the right eating disorder counselor for you if any of these sound familiar:

  • You don’t allow yourself to eat many foods that you consider “bad”
  • You go back and forth between dieting and overeating
  • You dislike your body and would do anything to change it
  • Your anxiety about food interferes with your social life 
  • You have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) issues

Spending all your time and energy worrying about food is NOT the life you deserve. Recovery will not be an easy or quick process (you’ll find I’m a very honest therapist!), but recovery IS possible.


Eating Disorder Therapy

My goal is to help you break free from the bondage of diet culture and your own internal critic so you can finally call a truce with food and your body. I help you learn to eat intuitively and enjoy all kinds of foods without guilt and shame!

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Eating Disorder Therapy

Eating Disorder Coaching

Coaching is a good fit for anyone in eating disorder recovery and treatment who needs some additional support beyond their current treatment team.

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Eating Disorder Coaching

Christian Counseling

I offer faith-based Christian counseling to clients who desire that. Faith-based Christian counseling is not its own therapy, but incorporates biblical principles into the counseling process.

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Christian Counseling

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